Celebrating 20 years of innovation, CRIMZON by Sonali Dalwani, has redefined luxury Indian footwear since 2003

Step into the world of CRIMZON, where style meets your comfort.
With a steadfast commitment to both quality and artistry, Crimzon's creations narrate stories and celebrate uniqueness.
Crafted for comfort, each shoe echoes a balance between tradition and contemporary versatility.

Bespoke services and our bridal line bear witness to the pivotal moments we become a part of in people's lives. It's an honor to craft pieces that carry emotions and stories, infusing them into every seam and sole.

Footwear and accessory designer Sonali Dalwani entered the fashion industry in 1989 when she worked with an export house creating embroideries for French and Italian fashion houses, followed by a stint with a company that manufactured shoes for the European market. Her early years saw her working in close quarters with luxury international brands including Karl Lagerfeld, Mary McFadden, Pons Quintana and Emanuel Ungaro.





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Our mission has always been to enable and empower marginalized artisan communities to make global-level products, so as to promote sustainable and progressive livelihood opportunities. The goal is to address our social mission without compromising on efficient business practices. Our enthusiastic team of artisans has mastered the age-old art of Shoemaking. With a legacy to take forward through handcrafted shoes, they lay their trust in traditional methods of cutting, sewing, weaving and knotting that require precision and expertise, in turn making every shoe unique in its creation.