Crimzon’s Top 7 Tips to Care For Your Shoes

If you are a shoe aficionado (considering you’re here, chances are that you are one!), you probably go to great lengths to keep your beloved pairs box-fresh. After all, footwear is an investment, and the returns are measured by the number of compliments a pair fetches or the ease with which it elevates a given look. So it only follows that you need to show your shoes some TLC, if you want them to love you right back. We bring to you all the shoe care tips we swear by—bookmark this page before you break in your next pair:

  1. Always wipe your shoes dry before storing them in a dust bag. You can also knock the soles together to get rid of any stubborn dirt particles. Storing shoes for a long period of time only leads to its damage — various adhesives are used in its making, and if unused, they harden and dry up, causing them to come apart. So it’s imperative to take these beauties out for a spin as often as you can to keep them supple.
  2. Shoes that feature embellishments and embroidery, are best stored upright to ensure longevity of the handiwork.
  3. Storing your women’s shoes in a cool, dry place will keep any mould at bay. Silica gels (we enclose them with every purchase) absorb moisture. Shoetrees do the same while also keeping the shape from cracking. An absorbent container in your shoe closet is the easiest way to keep it moisture-free, though it needs to be replaced every month. Invest in a dehumidifier to combat fungus and mould if you live by the ocean.
  4. Shoe care will also depend on its material and fabric. Take suede for instance. You need to brush them regularly with a brass suede brush, and utilise a universal water and stain repellent spray to protect it from rain, dirt, grease and stains.
  5. Velvet women’s shoes are best cleaned with spot treatment using a gentle solvent applied directly to the fabric, and removed by blotting the area with a soft, damp cloth. Be careful not rub. Lint and other particles can be removed with an adhesive roller.
  6. Shoes crafted with delicate textiles should be kept away from water, humidity and heat, while being stored in a protective dust bag.
  7. The best way to break in a pair of shoes? Wear them. Over time, footwear will naturally take on the shape of your feet.

The quality of the shoe plays a big role in its longevity. Our shoes are painstakingly handcrafted with a lot of love and meticulousness. We are uncompromising about quality. Each Crimzon shoe is handcrafted in our atelier, taking an artisan over four hours to create one pair. We are mindful of the environment. Each shoe is vegan and is made using eco-friendly adhesives. Our products are not tested on animals.